Kerala Ayurveda Spa Price List

The Terms Ayurveda literally means substance of good health life. This system of medicine was developed in India over a period of 5000 years without losing the originality. It is still being practiced in many places in India especially in Kerala.

It was the first genuine and remains the most complete, It is the most ancient and integrated system of medicine, in recent time is has gained universal acceptance for its curative powers and ability to maintain optimum physical, mental and spiritual health for a full span of life. This unique living system considers man as a balanced composition of body, mind and soul.

Full Body Relaxation Therapy

This whole body massage with herbal oils.In this therapy provides general relaxation and tones up the body.The medicinal oil used in therapy provides wonder full,relief from general aches and pains of the body and feels totally relaxed and light after the massage.

Shirodhara + Abhyanga

In one hour full body massage and Shirodhara is given in this package. It is the best for the professional who cannot spare much time for relaxation in this both mind and body rejuvenated sirodhara reduces stress strain and increases the memory power it enables sound sleep and reduces the anxity and depression.

Full Body Relaxation and Rejuvenation Massage

To rejuvenate is to bring renewed life to giving it new vitality, and rejuvenation is the process of freshening something up or reviving it. It’s a process of restoration of youthful vigorous. In full body rejuvenation we give Full Body Relaxation Massage, with Shirodhara, Potli massage, Head Massage and Face Massage also. It helps to rejuvenate the full body and revive the new energy, mind full with the Refreshment and Relaxation.


It is a wonder full relaxation therapy for complete mind and body. This is truly holistic therapy using essential aroma oils (jasmine oil, orange oil, sandal oil) to relax the senses and calm the mind.

Potli Massage

Innovative classical massage with medicated leaves and powder and is used to tackle joint pains, stress and fatigue herbal bolus is prepared with various herbs and medicated power. The bolus is warmed in medicated oils and used to massage the entire body, neck, shulder, hands and backshifting the person from side to side.

Full Body Beauty Therapy

This is combination of full body relaxation therapy. Head and shoulder massage and herbal facial but instead of herbal oils a choice of cucumber cream, strawberry cream, almond ayurvedic cream and sandalwood cream is used after this your skin gets more glow and smoothness. It provides proper circulation and feeling of well being.


One of the sought after therapies nasyam helps to evacuate accumulated microcrystal elements in the feed through the nasal passage by the application of medicated herbal oils in the nose and induces sound sleep. It is generally performed after the general body massage.

Synchronice Massage

This special four handed massage which strokes are giving according to the circulatory by channels. This treatment helps weight loss and tones the skin and increases vitality.

Head / Neck / Shoulder Massage

A relaxing and nourishing head message will not only relieve muscles tensions but also will invigorate the scalp and increase the blood flow.

Back / Foot / Head Massage

This massage is focusing on the lower back shoulder and the neck, it will relive pains on over worked muscles and bring about a feeling of total relaxation and release.

Foot Lower Leg Massage

A foot massage is perfect for tired feet, especially after a long walk.

Chandan Facial

In this therapy face is cleaned with rose water and herbal cleanser then face is massaged with herbal beauty oils after the message the face is treated with stream then face scrubber used to face after giving high frequency face massages with two type of herbal nourishing cream and in the last herbal face pack applied to the face results removed excess oil from skin surface deep cleanness and prevents and treats anca / pimples it also refreshes skin improves its texture gloss and complexions.

Spa Pedicure

This is special treatment for foot in this therapy first the foot is cleaned then giving the circulatory massages with fruit cream and the last pack applied and strem giving in the foot.

Spa Manicure

This is special treatment for hand this is combination of spa pedicure first the hand cleaned then given massage and the last pack applied to the hand and giving in the stream.

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